This Live Lightly 3-day immersion is about journeying inward to learn your chakra system, layers of the subtle body and messages from your meta dialogue. We will meditate, chant and practice as a sangha to observe the subtle energies within. The full 3 days are a series of sessions exploring the energy wheels of the chakra system. The morning sessions are for sadhana, dharma talks and deep exploration. The evenings are focused on community meditation and dharma. The full transformative experience asks students to attend the full 3-day intensive, we will map the subtle body in a series of building blocks.

Friday Evening Sept. 20th

Women’s Circle Moving from Competition to Collaboration 

In this 3 hour women’s circle we will prime the energetic space with meditation and mantra. Followed by a dharma talk, which is a question/answer space of collaboration between teacher and sangha. We will discuss fear-consciousness, destructive emotional states like anger, jealously, gossip and competition among women. We will address new modes of thinking that can change our daily behavior. The feminine consciousness can often be misunderstood by the status quo and our power rests in reclaiming its divine essence through action, thought and speech. When we create this shift in our mental continuum we then have access to elevated behavior as a woman and with other women in our lives. Please bring a pen & paper. No asana in this workshop, dress comfortably for seated meditation and clearing kriyas.  

Saturday Afternoon Sept. 21

Quantum Heart: Protection & Projection 

In this 3-hour session we will investigate asana, meditation, mantra and kriya that clear and protect our energetic heart centers. We will touch the sensitivity of our subtle bodies. As yogis it is out our job to constantly clean limiting ways of thinking and unconscious behavior from our auric fields. It takes committed practice to realize our heart’s whisper and expel cultural narratives that do not serve our highest growth. As a group we will explore the energetic heart, all of its contractions and all of its expansions. We hear so much in our “new-age” yoga world about “heart opening”, and that can be quite simplistic and misleading. To create change in the world with our practice we need, fierce, objective highly energized intentions radiating from the center of our being. We need the electro stimulus of the heart and the chemical message of our emotions to align; then we see the maximum impact on our outer worlds. Please bring pen & paper and be prepared for asana and meditation session that leads into a dharma talk, collaborative question & answer circle

Sunday Afternoon Sept. 22

Living a life of Alignment: Chakras & Spiritual Evolution 

This is the culmination workshop from the entire weekend, the teaching content in this workshop builds on the previous women’s circle & Quantum Heart workshops. First, we practice, meditation, mantra & kriya. Followed by a mindfulness exercise that is designed to highlight your limiting thought patterns. As a group we begin to pull the veils back, sharing the reoccurring narratives that cause stagnation and self-destruction in our lives, the network of our family units and our relationships. We then lay the yellow brick road forward and discuss and plan personal and group practices within the community to uproot these systemic ways of thinking and behaving that keep us trapped in lower octaves of existence. We will work within the framework of the subtle body and its quantum connection to the macro. If you attended the entire weekend, you will leave this workshop with a clear trajectory forward of self-respecting action!  

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