L I V E  L I G H T L Y

Live Lightly is a husband, wife run company that elevates consciousness.

through spiritual teachings, mindfulness intensives and conscious consumption protocols.


Sue and Dan teach national workshops and immersion retreats. They offer intensive online courses that range from 3 days to 12 month contemplative training programs. Together they founded their non-gmo, American made, organic supplement line, Live Lightly Supplements. Sue has been teaching for 15 years in the US and overseas. Her transformative teachings share the methodologies of Buddhism, Kundalini Yoga, and Vedanta. Sue’s knowledge gives students relevant mindfulness techniques that create social change and personal awakening. Dan, formally a professional baseball player has always had a passion for body and mind optimization. He translates his love of earth and social action into his conscious consumption teachings. Lastly they hold space for divine masculine, divine feminine and spiritual partnership courses.

Live Lightly Supplements

We are not a “supplement company” or a faceless corporation selling thousands of health products. We are invested in the integrated approach to well-being and raising collective consciousness. Our supplement line is one piece of the integrated whole, all Live Lightly Supplements are GMO-free, made in the USA, and organic. They are priced for accessibility, our bundles offer even more savings. We understand self-care can be expensive and often a complicated process; Live Lightly is a clean answer to the overwhelming world of over priced health products. 


Transparency and supporting small business is our mission. We want you to know the makers behind your products, and support ethical production on your wellness and awareness building journey of health. The products in Live Lightly SHOP WELL support the following: personal well-being and the equally important health of our environmental and economic ecosystems. 


SHOP SMALL   supporting the people behind the business. 

SHOP SMART   know where it comes from!

SHOP WELL     responsible production and mindful production practices. 



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