Virtual Weekend Teaching Includes:

Saturday and Sunday AM

Dharma Times: 9:30am-11:00am EST

- 1 Hour Sadhana Videos (kriya, meditation, asana, mantra) 

- 90 min group dharma talk, private logins for group discussion sent to inbox

 (recordings shared with all students)


Saturday and Sunday PM: 

Dharma Times: 2:00pm-3:30pm EST

- 30 min Sadhana video (kriya, meditation, asana, mantra) 

- 90 min group dharma talk, private logins for group discussion sent to inbox

 (recordings shared with all students)

May 16th-17th

All Sessions Recorded, and Recordings distributed to all students 

Cost: $250.00

Expansion of Self & SvaSadhana - SUN AM

1 Hour Sadhana Video & 90min Hour Group Dharma Talk

Listening to your heart, excavating your deepest driving desires and mobilizing your grit is a lifelong process of personal practice. As spiritual seekers interested in quality tradition-based yoga we have a responsibility to our own expansion of practice and integration of the teachings into waking life. This responsibility goes beyond our immediate students and is reflected in the expansive quantum field. What does this mean? How do we take this responsibility seriously and live with deep respect for the teachings?

The focus of practice will be exposure to meditative techniques across lines of lineage and tradition. 

Spiritual Bypassing &

Holding Yourself Accountable on the Path - SUN PM

30 min Sadhana Video & 90min Group Dharma Talk

What is Spiritual Bypassing, how do I recognize it in myself and others?

Sue & Dan will share some of their writings and book content, a critique of spiritual materialism within our new age yoga communities. We will explore right action and the development of clarity within our spiritual community structures and the student/teacher relationship. As teachers we will discuss authenticity in a world of spiritual shopping.

Dharma will be presented from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and the 8 limbs of yoga.

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