Taos Retreat June 2021

Meditation | Astrology | Non-Binary Worldview 

+ Daily Dharma Talks

+ Meditation

+ Plant-Based Meals 

+ 2 hour daily Sadhana

+ Hot Tube & Hiking in Lands of Enchantment

+ Acupuncture 

+ Your Personal Astrology 

June  7-13th ||  Taos, New Mexico


An intense session together:

We sit to expand our perspective of self and other

We move energy with pranic intelligence 

We use astrology, meditation, creativity

To dig deep into the subconscious

6 day comprehensive journey into dimensions of self 

Opening the doors of intimacy, self-trust and expression

We now carry the frequency of neutral mind

Back into our waking lives, with fluidity in the mind-stream 

And a bright flame in the heart. 

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*Make a non-refundable deposit to attend

The Center 

Taos, New Mexico

Self-Care & Adventure:

Hot Tub 

Acupuncture by Apt. 


7,500ft Altitude

Conscious Consumption:

3 Plant-Based Meals Daily 

Daily Flow:

Morning Meditation

Kriyas & Vinyasa Practice

2 hour Sadhana

Dharma Talk

Time in Silence

Reflection Time 

S U E  H U N T  &  D A N  J E N S E N

Taos, New Mexico


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