Spiritual Partnership Virtual Group and Individual Intensive


Spiritual Partnership /// conscious relationship /// elevated masculinity and elevated femininity all states of embodiment that support expanded states of consciousness in relationship. We run 2 businesses together, both are currently writing books, travel and teach monthly all over the US. We hike, climb, bike and ski together, playing in nature all year round. Our retreat and teaching schedule is growing and making space for our creative personal projects is a must. We meditate, practice together daily and are always balancing our own needs with the expansive field of our union. Conscious Relationship is a sea of deep inner work. Fluidly shifting roles in an egoless manner, listening with an open heart and taking personal responsibility for past trauma.

There is nothing “perfect” about deep union. It’s a work of art that is never done. Always room to grow and expand sensitivity.

We are offering a 4 week virtual Spiritual Partnership portal in March of 2020. Relationship practices and meditations to facilitate conscious partnering and relationship in your life.

This space is so intimate and opens the cultivation of spiritual maturity and cosmic union within. We would love to sit with you❤️ @livelightly_wellness @livelightly_


4 week Online Series

Manual authored by Sue Hunt - sections of her first book written in workbook style with prompts, meditations, reflections and outlines framing the pillars of Spiritual Partnership

Dates: March 1st-March 31st



-  Tuesday evening EST Weekly 2 Hour Group Dharma Sessions Tuesday Evenings

- 2 1:1 Sessions with Sue Hunt (couples & individuals)

- Daily Meditation Practices in web portal

- Spiritual Partnership Manual & Waking Life Prompts

- Astrological Chart Interpretation for Individuals and Couples

- Personal Contemplative Practice Specific to Growth Needs

Continued Support From Sue & Dan

Access to Live Lightly Community


We are encouraging all to take this online workshop intensive in partners, even with a fellow seeker friend to keep you accountable to the work, and give it a voice in relationship! Split the cost and build in a support system for yourself. Participate in the community with a romantic partner, best friend, sibling, a spiritual sister or brother. We will give access to the platform to both of you for the cost of $400.00. This also builds more momentum for you and loved ones when you begin to practice the path of Spiritual Partnership in your life. Stay accountable to someone close to you, and do the work together along side us!


Dharma Talk Dates:

Tuesday Eves March 2020 7:30 PM EST 


1:1 sessions to be scheduled upon registration 


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