The Expansion of

Neutral Mind & Union

Contemplation & Meditation Course

for Couples & Individuals 

The Month together will cover partner meditations and contemplative practice, engaged aspects of divine feminine and divine masculine energy currents. A worldview filled with authentic relating between the masculine & feminine energies within self and another. As well as group and 1:1 sessions to explore personal patterning and astrological signatures.  

Weekly 2 Hour Group Dharma Sessions Tuesday Evenings 

2   1:1 Sessions with Sue Hunt (couples & individuals) 

Daily Meditation Practices 

Spiritual Partnership Manual & Waking Life Prompts 

Astrological Chart Interpretation for Individuals and Couples 

Personal Contemplative Practice Specific to Growth Needs 

Continued Support From Sue & Dan

Access to Live Lightly Community 

About the Spiritual Partnership Manual 

Manual authored by Sue Hunt

Sections of her first book written in workbook style with prompts, meditations, reflections and outlines the pillars of Spiritual Partnership.

Manual is sent in a PDF Download for your extended use 

Worldview, Pillars and Practices Outlined in Manual 

Share this work in your life, through your actions, realizations, words and media posts 

4 week Online Series  Dates: March 2nd-31st


We are encouraging all to take this online workshop intensive in partners! Split the cost and build in a support system for yourself. Participate in the community with a romantic partner, best friend, sibling, a spiritual sister. We will give access to the platform to both of you for the cost of $600.00. This also builds more momentum for you and loved ones when you begin to practice the path of Spiritual Partnership in your life. Stay accountable to someone close to you, and do the work together along side us! 


Dharma Talk Dates:

Tuesday Eves in March 7PM EST 

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