Psychedelic Relationship:

Integrating Mental Fitness and

Assisted Psychedelic Medicine

with Dan & Sue 

2 part Workshop Series

August 8th & Oct 10

Virtual Gathering

Live Stream Teaching

Links & Handouts

**no psychedelics are consumed in these sessions 

Saturday Aug 8th 4:30pm MT

Saturday Oct 10th 4:30pm MT


The Work:
This workshop series is two-part, two interactive sessions with Sue & Dan of Live Lightly to open, guide and elevate this inner journey. As a group we will discuss establishing a contemplative practice together as a baseline. This container will open the possibilities to practice and explore entheogenic experiences with a partner. Ceremonial, and mindful context is to be set between partners, friends, community, entering and integrating psychedelic learnings. Mediations and kriyas will be practiced in session together, and at home between partners to continue the depth of this work between sessions.

Session One: Protocols & Practices, setting the sanctuary between partners, friends, spiritual friends, and community.


- Protocol to be implemented for 60 days between sessions

Session Two: Group Decompression & Integration: bring your personal experiences, fears, trials and tribulations to this space. We will discuss unique needs moving forward from partnership to partnership and offer more integrative practices for future experiences.

S U E  H U N T  &  D A N  J E N S E N

Taos, New Mexico

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