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Live Lightly Contemplative Teacher Training 200hr Staff:

Live Lightly, is a yoga and mindfulness curriculum that focuses on living a life of alignment. Living yoga authentically in waking life and guiding others towards realization is the focus of a Live Lightly Contemplative Teacher. Live Lightly is a multifaceted approach meshing traditions, backed by rigor and sādhanā . A contemplative teacher is deeply aware of self and builds practices that create transformative experiences for their students. Live Lightly’s heart centered approach combines alignment based asana, traditional pranayama with profound meditative techniques from tantric traditions. Steeped in the philosophical worldview of yoga and its many lineages, Live Lightly teachers bring relevant ancient teachings to the contemporary collective. Live Lightly teachings catalyze social change, equality, building emotional consciousness and awareness. The teacher strategically weaves Iyengar influenced vinyasa, with kriyas from the kundalini tradition to create energetic cleanliness and circulation. The marriage of these methods with Buddhist and Yogic psychology form a safe haven to explore the inner world and transform relationship.

In Live Lightly workshops, courses and communities, expect a committed sādhanā, an authentic transmission from teacher to student and a playful format that encourages deep self-reflection. As a community Live Lightly focuses on long-term sustainable relationships that build awareness and the cultural impact of its sangha. The Live Lightly methodology shines in diverse environments and brings growth, integrative mindfulness education and personal transformation to many!

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