1:1 Connect Session

An hour session for natal chart info, personal transformative practice, meditative healing, transcendence practices for living in alignment

These monthly group dharma talks will include a 10 min group mediation 

Sister Body Deck pull, and a 40 minute didactic dialogue based around the ethical context of living spirituality in all of its complexities.


We are opening this space together, because we want to hear from you, your story, bear witness to your needs, and come together in an authentic way that encourages open, clear and compassionate communication.  

The last Friday of every month 7 pm EST - 5 pm MT - 4pm PT

First Live Lightly gathering July 31st

We are always brainstorming on how to create more authentic connection, and safe spaces to process in a world that is over-stimulated and undernourished. We are expanding the 

Live Lightly Members Portal offerings under the same membership fee! 


These gatherings are for drop-in public, Live Lightly Year Long students and Live Lightly Members. The drop-in fee for open public is $10.00 - $30.00, a sliding scale increasing accessibility for inquisitive souls that want to do the inner work and feel the benefit of community processing and wellness.

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